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Swan and CygnetsClayworth swan
Swan and cygnets before the Boat Inn.Swan chasing after more food at Clayworth.
Hot Air BalloonFriendly little one
Hot air balloon over the canal near Forest bottom lock.Food to starboard chaps!
TranquillityCanadian Geese
TranquillityCanadian Geese
Canal in AutumnBringing babies to see us!
Canal in Autumn. Submitted by Judy & Terry.Bringing babies to see us! Submitted by Judy & Terry.
Autumn setting.Highly visible
Autumn setting. Submitted by Judy & Terry.Highly visible. Submitted by Judy & Terry.
Anyone can do it!Waves on the Trent
Anyone can do it! Submitted by Judy & Terry.Waves on the Trent. Submitted by Judy & Terry.
Bath timeEnjoying summer
Bath time. Submitted by Judy & Terry.Pete and Kath enjoying summer. Submitted by Judy & Terry.
There's always oneSnow 1 November 2010-11-28
There's always one that has to be different! Submitted by Judy & TerrySnow joke! Submitted by Kate & Jake.
Snow 2 November 2010-11-28Snow 3 November 2010-11-28
Who dropped the bag of flour? Submitted by Kate & Jake.Anyone for frost bite? Submitted by Kate & Jake.
Snow 4 November 2010-11-28Snow 5 November 2010-11-28
That's laying it on a bit thick! Submitted by Kate & Jake.No boating today. Submitted by Kate & Jake.